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Having a long lasting food tradition and culture, the last years Greece became more and more, a very strong brand in the Global Food Business.

Extra virgin olive oil, kalamata olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, oregano, pasta, peaches and more, are similar to the Greek food tradition and to the healthy mediterranean diet.

Greek Products Trade is working in this sector since 1999 as a food buying and brand building marketplace, giving more brand awareness and commercial potential to your food business.

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Olive Oil
 ·  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 ·  Olive Oil
 ·  Pomace Olive Oil

 ·  Kalamata Olives
 ·  Green Olives
 ·  Black Olives

Greek Cheese
 ·  Feta Cheese
 ·  White Cheese
 ·  Yellow Cheese
Canned Tomatoes
 ·  Whole Peeled Tomatoes
 ·  Dished Tomatoes
 ·  Pizza Sauce
 ·  Tomato Paste
Canned Vegetables
 ·  Red Peppers
 ·  Yellow Peppers
 ·  Pepperoncini
 ·  Pickles-Giardiniera

Canned Fruits
 ·  Peaches
 ·  Apricots
 ·  Fruit Coktail
Dressings & Seasonings
 ·  Balsamic Vinegar
 ·  Red Wine Vinegar
 ·  Lemon Juice

 ·  Natural Mineral Water
 ·  Sparkling Water
 ·  Soft Drinks
Fruit Juices
 ·  Greek Honey
 ·  Pasteli
 ·  Halva

 ·  More products:
· Greek Oregano · Herbs · Spices · Traditional Sweets

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